Meet Sue


Company founder and leader Sue (Boychuk) Stilson is widely recognized as an expert in the area of workplace safety for young, new and vulnerable workers.   Under her leadership, workplace injuries to Ontario teenagers decreased by 70%. She understands the issues and has designed and implemented major multi-disciplinary health and safety interventions for the province of Ontario and for Canada.  

A highly sought after speaker, Sue addresses provincial, national and international audiences on topics including program evaluation, the key to successful safety interventions, young worker dynamics and more. She also delivers  motivational presentations to teachers, workplaces and employers and training.

Sue brings over 30 years of extensive and diverse experience working in and with government and with private sector and not for profit organizations, including practical workplace safety experience as a government safety inspector, industrial safety specialist, manager and policy expert. Sue has international recognition in as an expert in young and vulnerable workers. She has the necessary skill set to deliver the best safety solutions. 

She is known for her strategic vision and for being an innovator, but it's her honed skills in communication, program audits, evaluation and her commitment to accountability and sustainability that sets her accomplishments apart.   Her achievements have had a positive influence on hundreds of thousands of Canadians and have received several prestigious awards. 


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She has conceived, developed and implemented a wide variety of successful programs, often working from seeds of ideas to create large-scale initiatives that deliver unparalleled results.  See accomplishments for examples. 

She is known for her passion, creativity, client-focused approaches, commitment and broad knowledge and skills in program leadership. 

Sue is a collaborator who continually engages stakeholders, connects new partners to leverage investments and brings commitment and enthusiasm to every project she takes on.