“You demonstrated strong collaborative skills in your relationships with colleagues from across the Ontario Pubic Service and subject matter experts from various levels of government. Your commitment to the It’s Your Job video contest is evident in this modern approach to engage youth in the prevention of workplace injuries, while raising awareness in each province and territory and at the federal level”   

                - Ontario Deputy Minister of Labour

"I have known Sue Boychuk for the past 20 years, in her former capacity at the Ministry of Labour. I have always been appreciative of the knowledge, experience and upbeat attitude Sue brought to her role.

In my role as Curriculum Consultant and Program Coordinator, I depended on accurate and up to date information that I could share with my colleagues. A highly effective speaker and presenter, Sue always demonstrates a professional, caring and positive attitude to everything she tackles”.

               - Cesare Di Donato, Executive Director, Industry Education Council of Hamilton                                                                                                                     

" I have known Sue Boychuk for a number of years as a member of the Rotary Club of Ancaster AM. Sue has been involved in a number of projects and fundraisers for our club. She is very focused and is effective at planning, organizing and executing these projects. She is a strategist and brings creativity and innovation to everything she does."

               - Eileen Baggs R.N., B.A.

"Sue Boychuk has been the heart, soul and driving force behind the advocacy for young workers’ information, education and understanding in Ontario. As a facilitator, Sue brought together participants from a variety of jurisdictions and interests to work in partnership to create resources, collect accurate statistics and develop practical tools for both teachers and students. Her greatest ability is to see the vision of what could be and the applied knowledge on how to make it a reality. 

As a speaker, she is both enthusiastic and informed which allows the audience to easily grasp her message, ponder the implications and commit to action.  Sue is someone with incredible drive and energy while maintaining a down-to-earth attitude and a keen sense of good fun. She has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of teachers and educators and thousands of students and young workers."

                    - Kathleen Douglass, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

“Utilizing her strength in community relations, keen understanding of people and positive engagement, Sue advanced our community presence by leveraging new opportunities for media coverage, worked with us on re-branding, opened our doors to the community, appropriately engaged key supporters and designed and delivered motivational presentations.”

- Clare Freeman, Executive Director, Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice

Examples of comments made by attendees at Sue's presentations and workshops:

  • Sue's great, dynamic, real! Lots of energy

  • Light hearted presenter. Bravo! Thank you!

  • Excellent! Your enthusiasm and caring is contagious

  • Enthusiasm and passion

  • Need to get more people to come and see (Sue's) presentations

  • Extraordinary as usual

  • Can make a dry but essential topic interesting

  • Wealth of knowledge and resources provided

  • Makes you more aware

  • Excellent speaker who provided in-depth information on subject matter

  • Sue is a great presenter!