A truly successful event should provide an ultimate experience that connects with its’ guests while delivering the goals of the organization hosting it.

Sue, chair of a major rotary club fundraising event.

Sue, chair of a major rotary club fundraising event.

We have experience in organizing and executing  successful events for government – be they a conference, in-house staff day, training, or stakeholder event and also major community events.

Sue’s experience includes chairing a major Rotary Club fundraiser attracting up to 500 guests. That multi-faceted fundraiser has consistently delivered an ultimate guest experience of food, fashion and fun and connects retailers and the community in an event that consistently meets its fundraising goals.


Let us help you develop a comprehensive work plan for your event including:

  • Setting goals and desired outcomes.

  • Establishing a practical budget.

  • Setting appropriate date(s) for your event and a critical time frame and plan of what needs to be done when in order to deliver on that date.

  • Identifying potential risks and developing a mitigation strategy.

  • Identifying key stakeholders and partners and considering their potential role in helping make your event a success.

  • Communications and marketing strategies where necessary.

  • Engagement plan: ensuring those at your event feel connected, involved and depending on the type of event… entertained.

  • Setting up a team for the event and assigning roles and responsibilities.

  • Identifying key tasks and time frames for executing each task.

  • Evaluation: determining how you will know you achieved your desired outcomes and setting up a post-event evaluation session.

  • Close out: planning what you need to do to effectively close off an event to set the tone for a similar future event.


We’ve worked on major public campaigns with partners including the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s media campaigns and other provincial and national pubic outreach.

Our network of experts has experience in creative advertising, video production, social media, commercials and more.


One example of how we step out of the box is our development and execution of Canada’s Its Your Job video contest.  The campaign set out to engage secondary school students from across the country to raise awareness about workplace health and safety and encouraging them to create a video on workplace safety.

To add a “wow” factor to this campaign, Sue engaged national celebrities as contest judges. That created a buzz among youth and the teachers who were promoting the event.  The celebrity involvement was promoted through social media - not just by the contest administrators, but also by the celebrities themselves, thereby reaching audiences beyond our regular reach.  A true win-win strategy.

What we can do for you….

Our skills, knowledge and experience in events, stakeholder relations, partnerships, media, marketing, written and oral communication and strategy can support you in developing and delivering an effective campaign.

Depending on your needs, we have creative, production, social media, and marketing partners available to help take your campaign to the next level.

We can support social media, web, television, radio and print outreach campaigns.