Stakeholder & Public Relations


Our philosophy: we succeed when we are connected to people and organizations that can enrich our work.  We believe in connecting the dots between likely and unlikely stakeholders and partners to build new alliances, increase our capacity and save time, money and human resources.

We also believe that ensuring stakeholders have a meaningful and purposeful role in the development and implementation of successful programs. As we make pivotal decisions our stakeholders provide invaluable advice and insights, increases goodwill and dramatically increases our chances of success.

Strategic partnerships can boost most public and private sector initiatives. We’ve seen cost saving through leveraging, amazing results by aligning unlikely partners and increased outreach, awareness and marketing through key alliances.

Sue has superior public relations skills. We’ve led many large stakeholder consultations, developed stakeholder engagement strategies, connected community partners in the not-for-profit sector and conducted, delivered collaborative projects with diverse stakeholder groups.

"Sue delivered overall strategic development and stakeholder engagement strategies ... to advance community awareness of our organization and meet funding goals of the Hospice"

What we can do for you…

Our experience, creative thinking and ability to see beyond typical boundaries can work for you. 

We can support any of your stakeholder and partnership issues by:

  • Developing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy.

  • Developing tools for your organization to use in future policy development.

  • Leading stakeholder consultations.

  • Providing advice on strategic partnerships.

  • Working with your stakeholders and partners to help you achieve your goals.