Holistic Workplace Strategies


The concepts and holistic approaches in this unique model are fully adaptable for ANY TYPE of workplace where there are multiple health and safety-related policies, regular staff, customers and other visitors.

A holistic approach to health and safety is a comprehensive approach to managing the various safety and health elements inherent in many workplaces, and in the example below, a school setting.


Sue Boychuk Leadership Canada’s “Whole School” model is unique among international examples as it’s all-encompassing model that synthesizes the following key elements into a practical approach:

  • Student occupational health and safety education

  • Student health and safety in schools (e.g. bullying, safety at student events, nut-free food policies, etc.)

  • Visitor safety

  • Violence and approaches for overall school safety: e.g. lock downs

  • Workplace safety for teachers, staff and administrators these three key elements into a practical approach that can be adopted by a jurisdiction’s education administration, a school district or individual schools.

The approach is implementation-friendly and was developed based on consultation in the education community to ensure it provided a solution to their already full workloads, rather than an extra thing to do. The approach aligns school polices and procedures that are often parallel and disconnected and pulls them into a harmonious, easy to adopt practice for school administrators.

Sue’s unique whole-school model, was presented to a global audience in 2014.

What we can do for you…

Sue Boychuk Leadership Canada Inc. can help customize a practical holistic approach for corporations, workplaces or schools to meet your current practices, emerging needs and future plans.

The model is adaptable. For instance you can:

  • include some or all of the key elements and plan for expansion if desired

  • adopt it across your organization, within a particular district or individual workplace or school.