In-School Curriculum-based Safety Education
& Teacher Support


In Ontario, safety education has been embedded in the school curriculum since 1999, making safety education required for students.  Ontario teachers, who are experts in student education, deliver the lessons in tandem with regular lessons – for instance safe handling of chemical and biological agents is taught in Science classes.

For 15 years, Sue led groundbreaking partnerships with the education sector that resulted in strategic weaving of workplace safety education throughout the mandatory Ontario school curriculum.

Our success lies in the respectful relationship focused on supporting the education system’s mandate and providing support for teachers.  Teachers who deliver safety education are supported with curriculum-based teaching resources and a provincial support system for continuous reinforcement. Find details and examples: classroom resources for the education system.

What we can do for you…

Sue can help you explore models to find the best fit for occupational health and safety education in your jurisdiction’s school system and consider the partnerships, resources and strategic support that may be required establish and maintain this major initiative.

Developing your plan for success will include:

  • Education system models: finding a place for health and safety in your jurisdiction’s school system.

  • Key relationships with educators.

  • Top down approaches.

  • Recognizing and respecting roles and responsibilities.

  • Tiered strategies.