Program Architecture

“Sue delivered overall strategic development and program and activity-specific implantation plans designed to advance community awareness of our organization”

Sue’s experience spans large-scale long-term programs and shorter-term high-impact projects and initiatives both in government and the private sector.

We can help you define goals, formulate a strategy, determine tactics, establish programs/initiatives and develop the plans to make your program develop and be implemented efficiently and effectively.

What we can do for you…

No matter the size and scale of your issue, vision or task, we can help translate it into a solid, practical work plan. Depending on what you need, we can:

Assess, audit and evaluate where you are:

  • What have you done in the past?; What is your current status, your needs?; What are your goals?

  • Do you need something new or can we amend existing initiatives to make them more efficient and effective?

Address your wicked problems with innovative solutions

  • Strategic assessment to analyze issues.

  • Deep dive to determine potential options.

  • Presenting options for corporate decision making.

Build successful program/project plans including:

  • Defining program goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes.

  • Seeking and engaging key partners and stakeholders.

  • Strategic leveraging.

  • Developing practical tactical program/project work plans aimed at delivering results.

Address evaluation and resource accountability

  • Ensure evaluation is a priority at the beginning of an initiative and is woven through the design to help you measure not only outputs but also outcomes.

  • Establish measurable outcomes, targets.

  • Ensure momentum and sustainability are built in to the plans from the outset.

  • Address resource allocation: fiscal, human and tactical use of other supports.

  • Recommend strategies to monitor achievement of goals and objectives.

  • Conduct a risk assessment.